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Q) Where can I go to register?

A    You can register on our website: or download our mobile app available for Apple iOS and Android phones.


Q) Is registration free?

A    Yes, registration is free. You have a choice to be a subscribed member with many privileges such as 25% discount on our handling charges on every order and free delivery on your first order. We can send you list of other benefits available to subscribed members.


Q) How much is the subscription fee for subscribed members?

A.    Annual fee is $99.99



Q) What are the benefits if I refer a customer?

A    De West Wind provides you with one free delivery for each customer who signs up using your referral code and completes at least one order.


Q) Do I have to be there to receive the order that I made?

 A    Each order is assigned a unique number that the receiving party must be aware of. While we strongly recommend you be available to receive your order to ensure quality and satisfaction, we understand that may not always be possible. As long as someone over the age of 18 is available to receive the order you are not required to be present. Verification of your unique order number (issued to you at the time of order) will be required.



Q) Can I make an order to be delivered to a friend or family member living in another location or state?

A   As long as we have independent contractors/drivers who can service the area and your friend or family member has the unique number for your order, yes! Please note: while we are in all fifty states, we may not be in every area just yet; however, we are constantly expanding our service areas, so please check back often!


Q) How can I contact you if I have any issue to resolve?

 A    The quickest way to contact us is through e-mail at: – Please provide your order number and a summary of your issue and a member of our customer service team will be assigned to help you as soon as possible.


Q) Can I register now even when your company has no contractor in my location?

 A    You are free to register now and begin placing orders for delivery to areas where we have service. Once we are available in your area you will be informed via email.


Q) What happens if I place an order without knowing that there is no contractor in my area?

A    We will cancel your order and provide a refund. If you suspect you have placed an order in a non-service area please contact us through our contact page.



Q) What if the product I want is not on your website?

A    There is an area on the order page that allows you to request special items or provide special instructions. If you are interested in an item that you do not see listed please feel free to indicate it here and if it is available we will purchase it for you.


Q) What happens if I place an order and the product is not available at the store?

A    We strive to keep our inventory as up to date as possible. That being said, occasionally stores run out of products or discontinue an item. If an item listed is unavailable in the store our contractor will attempt to contact you to make alternative arrangements.



Q) What is the distance that you can cover per order?

A    Our initial coverage is a 10 mile radius. We charge $2.05 per extra mile for anything exceeding 10 miles for free members and $1.85 per extra mile for those paid or subscribed members.


Q) How much do you charge per an order?

A   If we shop for you we will charge you a handling fee equal to 10% of the total cost of the items (or 7.5% if you are a subscribed customer), plus the delivery fee. Direct pick-ups have no handling fee.


Q) What other services do you provide?

A    We also offer direct pick-up services. We can pick up an item from one location and drop off in another location for a small fee. 


Q) Can I use the phone to make an order?

A    At this time, we only accept orders through our website and mobile app. However, you will have access to our contractor’s phone number that is assigned to your order for communication purposes. Please do not hesitate to call your contractor/driver with any questions or concerns.


Q) Can I track my order?

A    Yes, you can track your order through the website or app in “my account”.


Q) Can I cancel my order after it has been submitted?

A    You may attempt to cancel an order at any time. Please be aware that once a contractor/driver has accepted your order it will be too late to cancel.


Q) What are your hours of operation?

A    Our normal phone business hours are Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm Pacific time. However, we shop and deliver everyday for our customers from 6 am to 10 pm. You can send us an email at any time and one of our representatives will reply as soon as possible. 







Independent Contractors/Drivers:


Q) Can I register as a contractor and also as a customer?

A    Yes, all you need to do is to remember to switch to contractor mode and turn on status mode if you want to receive requests from our customers.


Q) How can I select my working location?

A    You can manually select your working area location or use current location and then enter your address at the top right if you are using the app.


Q) How do I get paid and how much?

A    This is stated in our independent contractor terms of agreement. You will get 70% of the delivery fee charged to customers and 40% of the handling charges for the total cost of items purchased for our customers. Our charges are subject to change at any time.


Q) How often will I get paid?

 A   The total amount you have accrued will be paid weekly via direct deposit to your bank account or you can choose to receive payment by check.


Q) Do I have to pay money to become a contractor/driver?

 A    No, we do not ask our contractors to pay any money to us.


Q) How do I know if a customer makes an order?

 A    When a customer makes an order, a notification will be sent via phone to all contractors registered within 30 miles of the order area. The first contractor to accept the order will be responsible for the order. After which, if another contractor opens that order, the app will tell him that another contractor has accepted that order and it is no longer available.


Q) Can I release an order after I’ve accepted it?

 A    No, once a contractor/driver accepts an order, it is binding. This is covered in our contractor service agreement.


Q) After I accept an order how long do I have to deliver it?

A    It is expected that once a contractor/driver accepts an order the service is then carried out immediately. We have assured our customers that their order will be delivered within a short period of time. This is covered in our contractor service agreement


Q) Is there any limit of number of orders I can deliver a day?

 A    No, there is no limit. You can deliver as many as you are available to. Please consider your ability to provide the service when accepting orders and do not accept more orders than you are able to handle within the specified time.


Q) What if the product requested by a customer is not available at that store?

 A    Customer contact information will be provided to you for this situation. If a product is not available in the store (discontinued, sold out, etc) please make an attempt to contact the customer to let them know. They may choose an alternative product.


Q) How can I determine the true identity of a customer before I deliver the items?

A    For every transaction, there is a unique code that is generated by the system which is provided to you as well as the customer. A customer may designate a third party for delivery of their items by providing them with the order code. Please verify this code upon delivery. Please be aware that the recipient of the delivery MUST be over 18 years of age regardless of if they have the code or not and certain age restricted products (such as alcohol) may require the recipient to be 21. 


Q) Can I accept tips from customers?

 A    Yes. There is a provision for optional gratuity at the time of check-out, or a customer may choose to tip you directly at the time of delivery. Any gratuity given is 100% yours.


Q) Can I accept cash payment for products on behalf of De West Wind? 

A    Currently, there is no cash payment on delivery. All payments are made through our website by customers. Please do not accept cash payments for any products.


Q) Do I issue receipt to customer on delivery?

A    There is a provision using our app where contractors can upload receipts obtained at the store which will be available for the customer to view in their account. Additionally you may provide the customer with the hardcopy receipt from the store.


Q) Do you provide services only in California?

A    We provide services in all 50 states of the country and we invite you to share our app with your friends and family members as rewards are available for referrals. 


Q) Can I decide to stop being a contractor/driver at any time or do I need to give notice?

A    You may decide not to be a contractor at any time but you must return any of De West Wind properties that are in your possession such as corporate credit/debit cards. It is also expected that you will complete any deliveries you have already agreed to.


Q) Where will I have money to purchase any items requested by customers.

 A When your application to be a contractor/driver is approved, we will send you a De West Wind corporate credit/debit card issued in your name with a spending limit which will only be used for purchases for our customers. You are responsible for the activity on this card. Any unauthorized transactions (transactions not related to customer purchases) are prohibited.



For additional information please send us an email: 


Call customer service: 1-888-209-2554

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